About Ven. Sangharatna Manake

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Bhadant Sangharatna Manke is born in Nagpur. In the age of nine years he went to Japan to study Buddhism. There he completed his graduation and 4 years Bouddha Dhamma Sadhana (Meditation). After that he started his social work by helping people by the way of Dhamma, Social and Medically. In 1985 Bhanteji completed his study in Japan and came back to India. Where he establish Pannya Metta Sangha (earlier known as Indo Japan Buddhist Friends Association) and started to help people all over the country. His association was working in Pauni (Bhandara), Nagpur, Dongargarh (Chattisgarh) and in Gujrat & Chennai. Pannya Metta Sangha has branches in other countries too. Bhanteji feel very satisfied by his contribution towards making some people to become self-independent, is not dependent only in education is depend on freedom of people and blessing people. Bhanteji always believe in humanity and not in cast , religion race, class. Bhadant Sangharatna Manake always says that help and education is the main purpose of Bouddha Dhamma. Because of these thoughts local people diverted towards the Bouddha Dharma. All people should follow these thoughts and we can make the dream of Bodhisatva Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's of Bouddha Dhamma. All these thoughts are the ways towards the Bouddha Dhamma. Enlightenment, compassion and donation these are big thought of Buddha Dhamma. Rage, attachment, ignorance and worldly all these thought are live in human mind and soul. Achieve enlightenment and express love and compassion for human being. Remove all attachment and build up donations feeling in our self these are the thought of Buddha Dhamma. Pannya Metta Association work these main thought of Buddha from 1982. Pannya Metta Association work in different form but main purpose and aim is to accept Buddha Dhamma thought (updesh) and live successful life. These thought are not only for people these are all kinds of humans like animals and birds every one helps and give donations. Association always says that people stay away from selfish attachment.