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  • 27th Mahasamadhi Bhoomi Dhammottsav
  • 7th Anniversary of Mahasamadhi Mahastupa
  • 19th Anniverysary of Pannya Metta Balsadan
  • 9th Anniversary of Pannya Metta Library

Welcome to Pannya Metta Sangha

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Buddha Dhamma gives two meaning, one is Buddha Thoughts (updesh) and second one of getting way of Buddha. Every one can become Buddha by following these principle. Bodhisattva Dengyodaishi Saichho was born on 18th October 766 (696-822) and he established Tendai Panth in Japan. In early days in Japan Buddha Dhamma was surrounded only by monks and it is not accepted by other people. People like monks and followers (upasak) have to be freedom to make ourselves Buddha. The main aim of the Bodhisattva Dengyodaishi Saichho was to spread Buddha Dharma to each and every people and that's why he makes 58 Shil, People, Monks, Upasak, Upasika, Followers and achieved Bodhisattvas. On this thought they always contributed for religious and social program. He takes responsibility to sake of people of Tendai Panth working from 1200 years Satdhamma Pundrik Sutra and Meditation. By following this principle Pannya Metta Sangha was working to spread Buddha Dhamma and helping poor people by means of social, educational and medical progress.